How To Prevent An Accident

How To Prevent An Accident?

No one like accidents, as they are undesirable and cause agony to anyone involved in an accident. Although accidents are unintentional, how do we prevent them?

Before we begin, let us help you understand the intention behind this article by summing up an age old phrase: Prevention is better than Cure!


Accident, as the name goes, results in unintentional injuries. An event that is unplanned and undesirable.
Injuries can extend right from being minor bruises to the severity of being fatal and everything in between. However, taking precautions adds to our advantages which we can use to our benefit.

Accidents can be majorly classified into the below divisions

*Activity Based Accidents
*Automobile Accidents

Physical Accidents

An accident involving unintentional fall or getting injured through sharp objects can be profoundly described as a physical accident.

Some examples of Physical accidents are:
*Falling Off, for E.g.: While using the staircase
*Being unintentionally pierced by a sharp object
*Electrical Shocks
*Ingesting Poison

Non-Physical Accidents

*On the other hand, non-physical accidents involve the following
*Secrets being revealed Intentionally/Unintentionally
*Representing someone incorrectly

Activity Based Accidents

These occur during the course of work execution. Activity Based Accidents (ABA) is also referred to as Work Accidents. A survey by the International labor organization has put the ABA figures at a shocking 337 million accidents happening every year. These accidents result in unintentional diseases to unfortunate deaths.

Automobile Accidents

These are caused due to unintentional motor collisions.

What are the most Common Causes of Accidents

Vehicle Collisions, unsuspecting falls, and food poisoning are seen to be the most occurring common causes resulting in a fatality. As per a survey carried out by a team of scientists, in the domestic environment fire or burn injuries top the list followed closely by falls. To create public awareness, there are many websites that report extensively covering a wide range of accidents.

How do we prevent accidents and ensure the safety of everyone?
The basic thing when it comes to accidents is, 'NOT TAKING ENOUGH PRECAUTION,' causing agonies to either of the parties involved.

It is always advisable to be alert and exercise enough care to prevent any untoward incidences.

When we hear the term Precaution, our minds oscillate towards the many mistakes other folks can be involved in. However, precaution doesn't necessarily be an exercise on the roads. It can be exercised when you are off-road too.

Let us have a look through well-defined keynotes to ensure road safety for everyone
*Ensuring Regular Maintenance Checks of your vehicle
*Not driving under the influence of alcohol/any substances
*Always reminding yourself, over-speeding causes miseries
*Respecting everyone and not revealing their dark-secrets that you may possibly know
*Creating Workplace Awareness
*Saying No to unhealthy workplace practices
*Respecting the law

Do you know how can you be safe on the road while driving?

Although you mandatorily are required to drive safely, it is more important to ensure other drivers are following road-safety rules.

At times you might have come across aggressive or reckless drivers. The next time you face a situation like this, back away and wait till these vehicles are out of your sight.
Thus you can ensure a safe journey.

Further, teach your children the safety of road rules and the need to follow them. Today's children are the future of the nation's tomorrow.
Does this piece of advice interest you?

Nevertheless, the best piece of advice comes from a person of great driving experience. We would like to invite you to participate in the forum by dropping your comments discussing your strategies of being safe.

It will definitely be a community service which will help every one of us involved in the social-cause to drive worry-free.
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Always remember, Together we can make this world a better place to live in.

Here's a video on how to avoid car accidents and collisions.

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