How to select the best car paint color

How to select the best car paint color?

There are many choices for car paint colors that one can choose based on personal style and preference. While self-expression is important, it is not worth the hassle of finding just the right tint or blend of a specific color for your car if it will just end up costing more trouble than it is actually worth.There are some vital things that you need to take into account. Some of the things include the type of car you own, how a color will affect your resale value, the cost, and functionality. Let us talk a little bit more about each of these things below.

How to choose the right paint color for your car:

Type of car and cost

It is worth to note that just because you like a certain color does not mean that it will look good on your type of car. Some colors just don't look good on certain types of cars.Another thing to consider is cost.Some colors are a lot more expensive, and this includes non-custom and custom colors. Choose a color and then go to an auto shop or paint store and review your options are in terms of color, cost, sealers, and partners.

Think about functional reasons

There are some functional reasons that you may need to consider while you are deciding on a certain color. Let us take, for instance, you want to soften or hide some body lines on the car. You may also want a car color that does not show dirt easily. Wanting your car to look smaller or larger may also be a major determinant on what color of car you choose. And while some people who are car enthusiasts, might consider function more than simply liking a particular color, it should be important to everyone.

Don't go for exotic blends

The blending of colors gives car owners their own unique color, This is lovely in terms of originality but inadvisable at the same time because blending colors can be a difficult thing. Additionally, when the time comes for repainting it may be difficult to get just the right blend once more.

Think about resale value

Cars with primary colors are much easier to sell than those with exotic colors. If one does not plan to keep the car permanently but instead plans to sell it in the future then a solid, then a primary color will do. This will attract more buyers as they will have to think less of what it will cost to repaint the car.

Stay within the same family

Most if not all states, require car owners that have changed the paint of their vehicles, to demonstrate this change on the title and registration for the car. This is a security measure that hinders criminals of all types and can be done by application for a new title and registration. If the state in which you reside requires notification, then it is best to remain with the original color or choose a color within the same family. The shade should not be too different from what is described on the title and registration, otherwise, a change in the title will be needed. Example: if the title states that the car is sky blue and it appears to be midnight blue then a definite change is needed. This will only cost money and waste time.

When choosing the best paint color for you, it is more about what is more affordable and sustainable and less about what one likes. Car paint colors should indeed be an expression of an individual's personality but not at the expense of a decent resale price.Therefore, it would be best to take some time and put a little thought into the color that you want your car painted. What may seem trendy and cool today may be a source of stress when you need to sell it or trade it in some years down the line.

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