Make Your Vehicle Look New Again

Make Your Vehicle Look New Again

Make your vehicle look new again

The way your vehicle appears is an important image to you. If I may ask, would you feel presentable and confident if you arrived at an occasion with a torn down or new vehicle? The appearance of your vehicle include: color, cleanliness, engine efficiency, cockpit, wheels and tires, clean lenses and all around rubbers. Your reason may be your financial background is not enough to purchase a new car, you want to resell at a better price or you just love your vehicle. For any of your reasons here are some of the things you need to do to make your machine look new.

Paint Job

The color paint that your vehicle wears is the most important detail to look at. Answer this questions to know if your Vehicle needs to be repainted or needs a paint job. Is that its original color? Does the car have scratches and/or uneven surfaces? Is that the color you want? When you answer the above questions you will have a clear choice about your vehicle's color paint. If you decide to do a complete paint job on your vehicle, I would recommend it be done by a professional artist. The results will be much better.

Washing the vehicle

Cleaning the vehicle should be a regular thing for owners. To make it look new you have to ferociously clean your vehicle from top to bottom. Start with the outside (windows, body paint head and back lights) then the interior (seats, floor mats, cockpit, and any cleanable interior of your vehicle. If your car has spots and/or oxidized over the surface of the paint you can use paint cleaner then do some waxing and polishing. You can also use local made shampoo to thoroughly wash your car. It should be rinsed first so as to remove dust and particles which might leave scratch marks on the body. The inside should also be thoroughly cleansed with shampoo and a lot of water.

Scrub the floor mats

The cockpit can be air blown then wiped with a wet cloth. Apart from the electronics on the cockpit, the board on top can be scrubbed with a shampoo to remove dirt layers that may have accumulated over time.

Engine cleaning

The engines are cleaned by professionals using the required equipments and tools. The professional while cleaning your engine can advice on the regular maintenance and also can perform repairs that will enable your engine to breath smoothly. Regular engine clean up will prolong the life of your engine. It's advisable to start with engine cleaning so as not to touch the cleaned areas with grease or oil. While cleaning the engine, check out the wiring and tape up uncovered wires and cables.

Lenses and rubbers

Lenses of the headlamps and rear lights are crucial to vehicle, but when they are dull or dirty caused by sun and dust respectively they are a danger to you. You can choose to replace them with a better and brighter once or you can just clean them up with water to remove the dust particle. When lenses are clear they greatly improve the appearance of your vehicle during the day or night. Rubbers cover the spaces between the door and the frame. They stop air from entering into your vehicle. When the rubbers are torn because of age you can replace them. The wiper also have a rubber, replace it too if it is old and torn.

Wheels and tires

Have your vehicle appear and perform better with new tires. You can also change the size of tires (maybe bigger) to completely change the appearance of your vehicle. While looking at the whiles and tires you can clean and check if the brakes and suspensions need any attention apart from cleaning them.

Trunk clean up

Do not dismiss the trunk compartment. Remove everything and clean them all including the spare wheel.

By following the above guide lines you will make your vehicle look new again.

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