Things to Check on Your Car Before Leaving for Summer Vacation

Things to Check on Your Car Before Leaving for Summer Vacation

The most ideal time to have a trip or tour to the beach either on long trips or weekend vacation is during the summer season. This is the time when road trips are a lot of fun as many pack their families in the car and head out for such tours. In order to ensure that your summer adventure is a safe one, it is important to take some considerations to make sure that your car is ready for the trip.

Below is a list of things you should consider checking on your car before you hit the road for the vacation.

1. Engine lights

Notifications on the car enable you know if there may be anything wrong with the car. To check if anything might be wrong, the simplest way is to turn on the car and ensure that the warning lights are flashing. The condition of the vehicle is very important for a stress less journey. It is advisable to look for experts in auto body shop and collision center to help you fix the problems that may arise. In instances where the car had a problem in the past or it's old this check is important before you hit the road.

2. Tires

Take some time to check the state of the air pressure on the tires from the spare wheel to the main tires. In order to know the recommended pressure, check the owner's manual on the driver's side. A look at the blisters, worn thread and gouges will help you figure out if the tire is damaged. From the saying" spend money to save money" it is better to spend money on new tires to avoid the risk of flat tire or blowout problems thereby ensuring the safety of you family.

3. Wiper blades

Summer is generally a hot season, however instances of summer thunderstorms and sun showers occasionally occur not depending on which part of the world you are travelling to. Sometimes there could be a quick surprise downpours which may jeopardize your journey. Therefore, it is important to take sometime to check in the bucks and change the windshield wipers if need be.

4. Oil and fluid levels

In order to keep the car running efficiently, you will need a good amount of oil. Apart from the oil, there are also other several fluid levels that should be ckecked before the car hits the road which include water, windshield washer fluid and transmission fluifs. It is advisable to change the oil and have a full tank of fresh oil before the road trip. Shortage of these fluids may lead to engine damage, expensive repairs and other breakdowns which may cut short the family from enjoying the vacation.

5. Battery

Problems that may be associated with the car battery include damages, dead cells, corrosion and old batteries which may stop the car from starting. It is important to ensure that the terminals around the batteries are corrosion tight since a battery is a time-consuming fix. Also check the charge on the battery.

6. Navigation system

Ensure that the GPS system is up to date so as to navigate easily to various locations and reach your destination. The system also provides alternative routes in case of problems or traffic in some routes. It also keeps you from having a wrestle with the map by providing a turn by turn direction.

7. Brakes

Scraping or sticking brakes is very dangerous for a road trip. In case the breaks are not sure, have them checked by a mechanic especially the break pads and replaced if need be if you will be driving on a mountainous terrain.

8. Roadside emergency kit

Emergency kits like duct tape, jumper cables and flashlights should be packed to help in cases of trouble. Other kits that should be included are first aid kit and lug but wrench.

9. Cleaning

Check the condition of the windows and screens and clean if dirty to improve your visibility on the road. Also check the interior to remove any extra items to create more space and enhance happier rides.

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