What You Need to Know about Car Detailing

What You Need to Know about Car Detailing?


Everything you need to know about car detailing

Car detailing or auto detailing, refers to the different kinds of car cleaning activities available and aim at giving your car a renewed look by giving it a thorough clean. Car detailing refers to the meticulous polish, cleaning and protecting of the different car parts of your vehicle from out and inside to bottom and top and by using special car detailing products and tools to clean your car. The main aim of car detailing services is to restore and enhance your car's paintwork through elimination of the light scratches and the swirls that over time, been inflicted on your car. The light scratches and swirls, reflect light in a way that they provide cob webbing effects on the clear coat or your car's paint surface. A little knowledge on the importance of car detailing activities will go a long way in helping you understand the value of car detailing services on your car this season.

Importance of Car detailing services on your car

Car maintenance involves a lot of activities ranging from; brake tests, oil changes to spark plug replacements. This may in the long run pre-empt the importance of car detailing services on your car. Car detailing services may look like activities that only give your car an extra shine. It is important for you to know that a thorough car detailing will not only give your car a sparkly look but also has personal benefits for you. In order for you to achieve amazing results on your car care, careful car surface considerations should be in place to ensure the right use of appropriate techniques and products on your car. Car detailing services has the following importance in giving your car a renewed look;

*It Brightens and cleans your car If you are a car owner who wants a squeaky and spotless cleaning of your car, the auto detailing should be your choice this season. Car detailing is important in removing stubborn scum and stains in your car's surface that regular cleaning will not. This goes a long way in long-run protection of your car's paint coating.

*Car detailing promotes good health Allergens and germs flourish in your car and you do not just carry five passengers in your car but millions of unseen pathogens. Debris, dust and dirt inside your car allow these germs to flourish and live inside your car. Car detailing involves thorough cleaning of your car with sterile wipes and vacuums that remove and kills these germs protecting your health by protection from sneezing and sniffling due to these germs.

*It Increases your car's resale value Car detailing services will make it easier for you to sell your car. A spot free and shiny vehicle will sell faster as compared to cars coated with grime and dirt and full of germs. Potential buyers will be pushed away if your car's interior is stained and full of germs. Auto detailing services will go a long way in increasing the resale value of your car. Now that you know the importance of car detailing services for your car, let us look at what a detailed car detailing service includes. What car detailing includes Car detailing refers to the interior and exterior cleaning of your car. It is a multi-step process that uses similar tools to arrive at a sparkling car finish.

Common Car exterior detailing processes


*Wash and Dry: The exterior car detailing wash will start with a powdered wash followed by a thorough mild soap hand wash and then drying.

*Clay Work: Clay work is the next step after washing and drying and here the car detailer will use clay bar to remove any overspray traces.

*Polish: The polishing stage helps restore your car's original paint coating.

*Sealant Application: Application of a sealant gives a glossy shine to your car. Common car interior detailing processes.

*Car Vacuuming: The first interior car detailing step begins with vacuuming all interior parts of your car including the trunk, glove compartment and interior car dusting.

*Shampooing/Scrubbing/Brushing: This step involves thoroughly cleaning the carpets and mats through scrubbing and brushing to remove the blemishes and stains that cannot be removed through regular washing.

*Re-vacuuming/Wiping: This focuses on specific surfaces like door panels, car dashboards and windows. The new shine will be bought through cleaning these surfaces with a clean agent.

*Deodorizing: The final interior cleaning process will involve spraying the interior of your car with a deodorant to provide a pleasing deodorant. From the facts above car detailing is a highly detailed and exciting activity that rejuvenates your self esteem, gives your car a professional look, increases the re-sale value of your car and protects your health through elimination of dirt, dust and germs in your car. So, take the step today and feel free to visit car detailing services near you for a detailed and thorough car cleaning services.

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